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Soaring Spirits is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals, families and groups.

Horses helping humans has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years — probably since the beginning of time.  Our first mental image of horses and humans interacting is probably the Native Americans riding bareback across the open plains, their hair, mane, and tail flowing behind them as they chase down buffalo.  Or we could picture a scene from the “Little House on the Prairie” with a horse-drawn carriages clacking along a dusty road to the little A-framed white cottage church or local store.  We might even picture a little girl all dressed up in her sparkling western garb trotting her horse around the arena.  Perhaps we even dream of waking up Christmas morning hoping with everything we had that Santa had left a real-life pony under the tree.

But what about the physical and mental aspects of horses helping people?  In the 1950s the medical community took notice when Liz Hartel of Denmark — suffering from polio and confined to a wheelchair — won the 1952 Helsinki Olympics Silver Medal in Dressage. She had used horseback riding as a form of therapy.  Since that time, the various forms of horse therapy spread to Canada and the United States.

We at Soaring Spirits are proud to be able to offer the benefits of horseback riding to the folks of Heard County, Georgia, and the surrounding areas.

The idea for offering equine assisted therapy at Soaring Spirits was inspired by Gypsy, the horse pictured above in the middle.  Horses are big, strong animals that have an uncanny ability to relate to humans.  They are non-judgmental and understanding of us and our emotions.  And they have their own way of communicating if we know how to listen.  It is well known that horses and humans can form profound bonds and it is this feeling that Soaring Spirits wants to share with others.

We are also fortunate to utilize the acreage passed down through the Bryan family, first with C.E. Bryan to H.E. Bryan and now Co-Founder Dudley Bryan.  It is that desire — and in memory of his grandfather and father — that the property be used to give back to the community.

Please take a few minutes to browse the rest of our web site to learn more about Gypsy and the services and activities offered at Soaring Spirits.

We thank you for visiting our website and hope you’ll come visit us soon!

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