Riding Lessons

Riding lessons are good for us all.  Winston Churchill once said, “The outside of the horse is good for the inside of a man.”   Horses change lives by giving us confidence and self esteem.  Horses provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls; they give us hope and pleasure.

With 48 years of horse ownership Ms Becky Huffman has been teaching riding lessons for 40 years, she has seen the good horses bring out in children.

While teaching children about horses, Ms Becky will show them that horses depends on us for food, protection, love and direction just as we depend on God for the same things.  As children develop a relationship with horses, she will guide them into a relationship with Christ.  From working with horses, children will learn about the horse’s natural instinct to run from danger (react) but with love and direction from them, the horse will respond with respect.  Children will also learn about the horse as a herd animal, and as a herd animal the horse is looking for a leader to help them make good choices.  Given direction, children can become good leaders for the horse and eventually take those leadership qualities into life.

Ms Becky will give a 90 minute session will consist of learning time: learning about horses,
mentoring: a chance to respond to what has happened during the week and riding time: riding
lesson.  If you only want the learning and riding time, Ms Becky will give a 60 minute session.

Suggested donation for the 90 minute session is $45
Suggested donation for the 60 minute session is $30

Extreme care will be taken to match the rider with the correct horse, to ensure safety first.  Helmets are required for all riders (we will provide a helmet, if needed) and shoes must have heels and closed toes. We have a small collection of boots to be used if needed but you will need tall socks.

We are in need of buddy stirrups, individual brush boxes, brushes, fly spray, horse boots, and monetary donations.  If the Lord leads you, please donate to help us help others.

Riding Arena

We are currently raising money to build a riding arena where we will have safe footing and an enclosed area to ride.  The enclosure would be a fence, not covered — yet!  At this time we currently ride in the round pen or open pasture.

By having the arena, we will be able to give children and adults more freedom to safely ride on their own.  We will be able to set up obstacles for riders to maneuver their horses around and give them the opportunity to trot in a controlled, safe environment. These are just a couple of the advantages to having a riding arena.

We are taking donations to help us reach our goal. This covers grading, fencing, and safe footing. Soaring Spirits, Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible.

If you’d like to make a small donation, please click on the orange/brown “ChipIn” button.  This will take you to PayPal.  Enter the dollar amount you wish to donate and click update.  If you have a PayPal account, you simply log in.  If you don’t have one, you can still donate as a guest.  When the confirmation comes up, you can click on “Go to Chipin for receipt and to leave a comment”.  Type in a comment that other people can see, something encouraging.  Then hit Send.

A Great Day

What a great way to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and give two kids their first horseback ride.

New Buildings

The week of July 19th was an exciting one, as we had two new pole buildings going up, built by Tony Thompson Construction of Franklin, Georgia.  He and his team did an amazing job!!

Now we have a nice shaded area to tack horses, do some riding and perform our workshops!!

Smaller pole barn by round pen:

Larger pole barn for riding:

Thank you!

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